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[Brockenmoor] Avalox (SBT)


born: 05/01/2016

SIRE: Espen Montemar of Brockenmoor
DAM: Brockenmoor Saltin

Avalox is our new fantastic young stud and unique for our breeding future!
He has a long and strong body, great head with puffy whisker pads, straight profil,
broad and long nose, big green eyes and small ears! He has a perfect character.
He has a great color and his fur is absolutly clear with a very special sharp contrast.
We are very proud of this young stud, more pictures and information in January 2017!

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Elysor Armani [of Brockenmoor]    (SBT)

born: 08/28/2012


Armani is comming the long way from Canada to us in January 2013!
He is out of top and very healthy bloodlines and he has a great
potential later as stud! He has a light groundcolor and very big,
closed and three-colored rosettes, which are very well placed over
his body. He has a nice long face with a broad nose. We love his
muzzle with puffy whisker pads and strong chin and what a wonderful
profile! Plus, he has an awesome pattern with wonderful colors and
clarity to his coat. The kitten is incredible beautiful!
We have big plans with him for our breeding future.

We like to give a special big thanks to Elena from Elysor Bengals
for this incredible young male!

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[Brockenmoor] Dax (SBT)


born: 07/21/2013

SIRE: Elysor Armani of Brockenmoor
DAM: Brockenmoor Emma

Dax is our young male and our new star! He has a very
large and strong body type and a nice head with puffy whisker
pads and a nice broad and long nose. He has a straight profil
and lovely big eyes and small ears! Dax has a great color,
fantastic rosettes, a super and grandious contrast, very short
and silky fur. He make absolutly fantastic kittens and give
his good genetic forward to his offspringe. Thanks to Dax!

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Espen Montemar "Monty" [of Brockenmoor]    (SBT)

born: 05/13/2015


Montemar is our new young stud, he has super bloodlines and
a top genetic in his pedigree. We are sure, he will make together
with our new young queens in the next years very special kittens.
Monty has an extrem strong and long body type. He is very big,
muscular and atletic. He has very big rosettes, three-colored and
very well placed over the whole body, Monty has a wonderful warm
color, extrem short fur and a very good contrast. He has also a
very nice head with a straight profil and small ears. We are very
excited for his first kittens.

We like to give a special big thanks to Doreen from Espen Bengals
for this incredible young male!


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