Those we have held in our arms for a while, we hold in our hearts forever.

Birgit Schneevoigt * June 1967 + September 2017

Dear breeders and friends of the Bengal breed. Birgit Schneevoigt has died in September 2017. Her husband decided to leave Brockenmoor Cattery as their life project. And so he has decided not to continue Brockenmoor Bengals. This means that all Cats and Kittens are to find a new home in the world and carry over Brockenmoor to pedigrees of future Bengals.

Brockenmoor Bengal cats!

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You can see our at an extra page.
(this page is now under construction) Abby is now living with us
and our darlings Arco and Anna have gone over the Rainbow Bridge
after they was 11,5 years our family member.


Birgit and Gerd Schneevoigt
Papenhecke 1 * D-38871 Ilsenburg * Germany

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