About Us

We are Birgit and Gerd Schneevoigt and we are the owner of Brockenmoor Bengals.
We live in the middle of Germany in the mountain area "Harz". We live in a very
nice area, All around Ilsenburg are mountains and woods. We have nice and big
dams here and very close to us is a big national park. In our town are nice and
very old and beautiful half-timbered houses and close to us many wonderful old
castle. Our highest mountain is the "Brocken" and the moor around gave us the
idea of our cattery name BROCKENMOOR.

Me (Birgit) studied forestry and was many years working with wild animals,
had the chance to study there behaviour in the free wildlive and took part
in many projects with very rare species. From this experience and love to
wild animals, I got the idea to breed excellent Bengals which have the look
of the wild Asian Leopard Cat and the behavior of a lovely domestic cat.
I am also an assistant for tax and economic consultation and has work many
years in this job. Gerd is my husband and he works in the research in a big
factory. This factory produces axes and wheels for trains and itīs quality
needs to be constantly checked. They have a big research department to get
there products better and safer. When he arrives at home he first starts to
play with our cats for at least one hour before he starts working at our
house. Gerd is a wonderful husband and a great father for our children
and a big help to work with our Bengals.

Gerd with kitten

We have two children, Juliane(25 years) and Nicole(21 years).
They love our Bengals as well as we do and are a big help
in socializing the kitten. Juliane is also a big help in
having our webpage up to date. Juliane study since 01.October
2006 veterinarian medicine at the University in Leipzig and is
in many things around the cats already right now well known.
Since 14. February 2012 she is veterinarian and work already
at her doctor title.

Juliane (right, with the blue shirt) and her study friend

Nicole has finished 2009 her Abitur at the "Fallstein Gymnasium"
as one of the best. She study since the 01. October 2009 humane
medicine at the University in Magdeburg. She loves our Bengals
very much and play every free minute with, especialy with our
kittens. She also is a big help to take our kitten pictures.


We live in a very big house (400 mē inside space) at the outskirts
of Ilsenburg and have lots of green around us. My parents also live
with us in our house and special my father is a big help at our cats,
whenever we need them they help and care our cats best.
We are very familar breeder.

front side of our house

green in front of our house

The Brockenmoor Bengal cattery has the official
ministerial permission to raise Bengals in Germany!

There are also two hunter dogs living with us.
They are German Shorthair Pointer and the are called Arco
and Anna. Both live inside of the house and both are very
healthy and clean dogs, after an out running or a working
job they come in only over the "shower". Our dogs are same
family members then our children and our cats. So all of our
kittens learn to get along with dogs and they love it to sleep
next to them because they are so cuddly warm.

Birgit with Anna

We are a small cattery and breed for high quality cats.
ALL our basic Queens and Studs are original MILLWOOD Bengals, some
different cats we own are Millwood bloodlines, or are sons and daughters
out of Millwood parents, so we breed Bengals, who are based on Millwood
cats. Jean Mill was always our Mentor and is still today our lovely friend.

At this point we like to thank our friend Jean Mill (Millwood) for all her help to us!

together with Jean at Millwood

Our cats may run through our whole house and so they have many possibilities
to run and jump and so they keep their condition. All our cats live inside,
even each of our studs have his own room inside at our ground floor. This are
very light rooms and there is a huge tree, they can climb on. They are able to
run through a long hall and on warm days they enjoy it to lay in the sun on big
windows. All our cats go not outside - the problematic with healthy risk outside
looks to big for us and we decided to care them best when we not give them an
outside run.

Brockenmoor Babies

For our high pregnant queens and mother cats with babies we have special
areas where they can be active but also have there own flair to nurse their
kitten. We keep each litter seperatly from all other cats and kittens and
have this way a high control about their healthy. Our older kittens get a
big room with many windows and much light, with many toys and cat trees
and many possibilitys to play and to be active and to get condition. Our
kittens are very well sozialized and always lovely and sweet, we work
for a good nature same then for quality.

Brockenmoor kitten in in the kittchen

We are using only Queens and Studs for our breeding program who have a healthy
genetic, are very strong and have excellent qualities as well as a wonderful
lovely character and behaviour. Even if we have some more cats then usually a
small cattery, our cats are not "producers". Our Queens get their kittens and
make then a break by themself, this break can go until two years and then they
are able to rest. We have here some "Basic Queens and Studs" --- they work for
us and will stay here their whole live. But we also keep some kittens for just
one or two breeding periodes --- and give them later in good and lovely breeder
or pet homes where they will a good future live. There is a good possibility
to get an great adult cat here at Brockenmoor.

Brockenmoor cat

We are specialized in Bengals looking like a "Mini Leopard". We only breed for
brown rosetted Bengals since several years now. We breed for big and dark and
three-colored pancake rosettes on a nice golde-orange background color with a
great contrast. Some of our cats now have three-colored rosettes like a Jaguar
and we are very proud of this. For us is the whole cat important, the kitten at
all, we breed not just for "one part" or "one characteristic" at a Bengal, the
whole kitten should look super. And we try to get our bloodlines better and
better each year with a good breeding program. Brockenmoor's breeding goal is
to breed without snow and marble. We try to have all pedigrees free of snow or
marble. We have NOT snow and NOT silver in our bloodlines and work intensive
to breed the marble markings out. This is a long and hard way. Until now we never
got one marble kitten, so we are on the right way for this goal. Long time
we own one marble queen to test our stud cats and they don't produced marble.

Brockenmoor breed for only brown rosetted Bengals with:

* excellent three-colored large rosettes
* dramatic contrast
* golden or nice orangeground colour
* glitter and golden shine
* very short and soft fur
* strong and long body
* excellent type
* very wild looking faces
* great strong profile
* very small and rounded ears
* big eyes and a broad nose
* very lovely behaviour and character
* healthy, activity and super condition

Brockenmoor Nanuk

Most important for us is to breed healthy Bengal kittens with a healthy
breeding stock. Same important is the time we have and we take us for our
cats and kittens. We spend a lot of time to care them all best (for this
I work at home and be this way all the time there for our kittens and cats)
and also our girls help us and spend their free time especially for our kittens,
so that since many years now we only has very well temperamented cats and
kittens with a nice lovely character.Our kittens and cats know people, children
and dogs and are no worried for them all.

Brockenmoor cats

Our Bengals love special children
in each age and love to play with them. At this place we now like to thank
our first cats, our "Oldies". Without them we would never be on our standart
we have today and we created for them a own side in our webpage.

one part of the Brockenmoor

a big castle in our area "castle Wernigerode"


Birgit and Gerd Schneevoigt
Papenhecke 1 * D-38871 Ilsenburg * Germany

For info:+49 39452-88732 fax +49 39452 -89767
email: brockenmoor@gmx.de

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